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Hello, Sinatra

sinatra ruby rails philosohpy

My post earlier was about porting my blog to Adva CMS. It has a lot of really nice features that I don't need. I actually don't need translation feature for my blog. I don't even need Wordpress. And not even Rails for my purpose. I am venturing into Ruby development, not Rails development. After some digging on Github, I came across "Scanty," a very simple blog application that's nearly nothing. It's up to the developer to extend, hack and modify everything as needed. It was built on Sinatra Framework, yet a another framework for building Ruby apps. Sinatra does not have too many built-in helpers that come with Rails but it does have everything you need to build a web application. The RSpec framework (for Behaviour-driven development) for instance can still be used with Sinatra. RSpec is framework-agnostic and there are several ruby gems out there that are not Rails-centric.

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Adva CMS - A new state-of-the-art CMS

programming ruby rails cms drupal i18n

I have been a Drupal Developer long enough for me to hatch my own CMS (3 years). But there's really not much sense developing another CMS. We really shouldn't build apps to inflate our own egos. We build apps out of need and because there's nothing else out there for our clients to use. Clients know what they want although most cannot articulate it in geek terms. I appreciate that my current client has a very good understanding of what they want. If not, it will be like moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

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Rails Bridge

rails ruby community

Lately, I've been following a group of people on Twitter. Most of them are in the core team of rails. (Should I say the word "geek"?). Anyway these are great people (Mike Gunderloy and others) who invest their time in helping out build the rails framework and now, they're teaching too!

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Behavior-Driven Development for Rails: A Preview of RSpec

bdd rails rspec ruby

Ok lately I've been busy working on a content management system that works for edge rails or Rails version 2.3. My purpose is to create something simple and something that would work for at least one or two projects. It should not be something I will struggle with or I will grow to hate because of its inflexibility. The beautiful thing about rails is that it's self-contained but flexible and allows developers to be as flexible and productive as possible.

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Adobe Flash CS4 on Ubuntu 8.10

flash ubuntu linux

Ok. I admit the title can be misleading. This is more of a tip for people who do flash work and cannot survive as Ruby on Rails or Python developers on a Windows machine or simply for people want to explore Linux without discarding Windows (and Mac is something they pretend they haven't heard of. Steve Jobs, throw us some Macs here. We need them).

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