If you are a fresh graduate or someone who has relevant experience in web design or graphic design and interested in learning Ruby on Rails, you might want to contact me for a freelance and contractual (full time) job which could evolve into a full time (long term or longer than 3 months) work for the right person.

The user interface designer should be a creative type and someone who's passionate about creating user-friendly interfaces that work well in all browsers except IE6. That browser should be dead by now. Your choice of typography is very important. Your ability to create or use existing CSS frameworks like 960 GS is very important. So probably you're gonna use the grid as a guide while you're creating your mockups.

I currently work with someone who's very good in all of these. But I believe that there's nothing that I or he knows that can't be learned. We need a quick learner, a quick thinker and someone who's naturally interested in "growing with us" (as the founder says).

You must also:

1) Be a Filipino citizen residing in Baguio City or anywhere in the Philippines as long you prove your commitment to work.

2) Be willing to go through one week training period. I'd like to see whether there's someone I can work with who is focused on design. If the result of the training and the output is good, you will be interviewed by the client himself.

3) Be articulate and possibly be a good writer. (Written and Oral English should be good).

What you get:

1) Free mentorship. The PHRUG community project, Railsjam is very important and those whom you will help for the project are also giving their services for free. The highlight of this project is the events management since we want to reach out to schools and universities. There will be speakers who will provide training for free (despite the fact that they could be very busy). And that is the same attitude required of you.

2) Respect and recognition. For any project you will be handling in the future, you are not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We just need your commitment and proof that you want to be part of the project (for the U.S-based company).

3) Monetary Rewards. Sure. You'd get paid for the project if you're hired and this is something which will be discussed later.

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