Hello everyone.

On November 9, 2013, gave a talk on optimization for Google Developers Group Devfest in Baguio. It was about 22 hours after I arrived in Baguio City, from a long trip to the former French Indochina region.

This is my last talk for the year. I probably won't be giving a talk for the next two years. I will still be active in organizing events here in Baguio.

How was the event? It was fun. There were so many attendees that I nearly couldn't believe it. I missed most of the A.M talks because I was trying to get some rest however.

For those who are looking for my presentation, I finally found time to upload and do minor edits. I have added up the resources. Thank you to those who stayed around to listen.

Other news: this is my last blog post, for this domain at least. I am moving my site to a new domain, kat.pe. This site has existed since 2009 but it's not really the first blog I have had. My oldest blog existed in 2002.

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