I have been a Windows user for a long time. I have done both design and development work on a Windows Operating System. In 2004, a good friend told me that in the long run, no matter how attached I am to my Windows OS, I will eventually switch to Linux or Mac which is true. Sometime in 2004, I also got my first Linux book from a book fare in the Baguio Convention Center. I read parts of it and it scared me how things weren't very easy. That book may still be useful on understanding Linux but only a few chapters are relevant. Things have gotten easier in Linux with so many distributions released.

In my case, my choice is Ubuntu. It's attractive for beginners. Even the Ubuntu philosophy itself is attractive. Ubuntu means "I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am" or more concisely, "humanity towards others."

Keir Thomas, the author of Ubuntu Kung Fu just released a free ebook, "Ubuntu Pocket Guide."

Ubuntu Pocket Guide, a Free Ubuntu ebook

Click here to get your copy.

The question is: "Is Linux right for you?"

My perception is it is the right operating system for Educational Institutions who are focused on open source technologies. It is also the right operating system for web developers. It can be used for special purposes as well. For instance, the NAMFREL (National Movement for Free Elections) Quick Count could have used Linux. While taking summer class in St. Louis University, I also volunteered for the Quick Count in 2007. Most of the volunteers were Windows-trained students but I do not think that could have been a problem. Most of the computers from Texas Instruments weren't super computers that could run memory-consuming Windows applications. I was informed of efforts to create software that would work specifically for the elections but according to the nun (the NAMFREL is primarily an effort of the Catholic Church) I talked to they could not even open the application. My idea is: Why not build something simple, user-friendly, doesn't crash and will definitely "open"? I am not certain if I will have the time to work on a software for 2010 elections and it would really take more than just time to work on it. It will need the concerted effort of volunteers.

The same is true in any open source efforts. It needs a concerted effort of users and developers.

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