Is Geek Speak Evil?

I am starting to think so. I am not a pro-blogger (but I used to be a fan of expressing one's true self). I am a web developer. Oftentimes, I just have a tendency to write <% @weird = "English" %>. Good thing I don't say "print this, print that" when I talk to people. Geek Speak can be evil in the sense that you are promoting yourself too much or trying to help too much that it actually deters you from just being real.

With this in mind, I am now posting all my geek speak in the right place: BridgeUtopia Resources page wherein I attempt to help the people I work with including other developers viewing.

I am not a huge fan of organizing data but that is one of the world's greatest challenges today because the popularity of "blogging." Having too many blogs can be difficult and I am just amused with pro-bloggers who can update a minimum of 5 blogs in a day or even a week. It's amazing how they do that.

Be A Social Nerd

Recently posted on Philippine Ruby Users Group: - a Knowledge Exchange Platform for the Filipino Developer Community. I personally like posting questions and answer (if I do have anything sensible to say) there.

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