In retrospect, I never wrote New Year resolutions. I never thought too much about writing down what I would change about myself and what I wanted to do next. I am a goal-oriented person by nature. Although it is not obvious, I have plans that are not written and do not have to be written but I do acknowledge that writing works and helps.

For 2010, I just want it to be "happier." 2009 gave me a lot of blessings. I have managed to change my path and do what I do best.

Gaining Back My Design Powers

I am a web designer. Although it is not too obvious because of the current look of my site. I have not been a designer for some time. I do not want to work as a designer for anyone else but myself anymore. In fact, I am leaving the idea of getting back to consulting or freelance work for anyone at the moment. That's sort a sad thing but hey, we all need to give up something. I only entertain the idea of working for exciting startups but at the moment, I am still employed.

I will still design. I will be friends with Photoshop again. I think it's going to be a slow process. In fact, I will start using the camera I bought a year ago. I never really got to use use itl. Photography is interesting. Those who really know how to live see beauty in everything.

Go With The Flow

It's a sound advice. The best way to prepare for anything is acknowledge first that anything can change. I was always open to change but I also consider what I already have and I am thankful for everything.

We Will Succeed

Because if we badly want to, we will.

Happy New Year!

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