Recently, I purchased a domain on domain dot com only to find out that the domain was previously registered. Their domain search or lookup failed and I did not bother to check on whois. I have explained the situation over and over again by creating support tickets and I have not received any reasonable response that would resolve the issue. I cannot make domain change requests as they have explained. I am writing this specifically for non-techies. I am techie but many times I do make the wrong choice.

I am aware that it is primarily my responsibility to make sure that the domain is available. I was too confident that their system for looking up available domains will not fail. You cannot purchase a domain which is not available supposedly. I guess having minor flaws in your system is "OK" especially if it has more to do with spacing and visual flaws but if it involves money and losing customer's trust, I do not think so. As a developer, I do not want to launch something which is not secure especially if it has something to do with the payment system.

Choosing a domain by itself isn't too easy even if you have a knack for words. You have to make sure you are not inadvertently taking someone else's name. Like the word "tweet." Having "tweet" on a domain name is a big "NO" as Twitter has applied trademark on that word.

Once you have something in mind, I suggest using Search if the domain has been registered by anyone. The details of the person who owns the domain will appear or the details of the domain registrant will appear (or both) if the domain is not available.

Choosing the right domain registrant is also as important as choosing your domain. Based on our discussion here, there are a lot of reliable domain registrants. But I am ranking them right now based on my experience and their feedback regarding price, whois privacy protection and best of all, customer support. It's nice to talk to people sometimes and not get a link on their FAQ as a response.

  1. Dreamhost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Yahoo Domains
  4. Namecheap

I personally like Dreamhost. You actually have the option to hide your details without purchasing whois privacy protection. You can just use Dreamhost's details. All for $9.96. Sweet.

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