This is post is inspired by several posts of Greg Moreno on RubyonCloud. Check out the site.

Install the Amazon ECS gem. If you're already using Amazon s3 gem, you don't need to create a new config/yaml file.

I almost always use a module for configuration. A module can be included on any controller/model/another module in the application.

module GlobalStuff

  raw_config = + "/config/amazon_s3.yml")
  env = RAILS_ENV
  APP_CONFIG = YAML.load(raw_config)[env]
  AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID = APP_CONFIG["access_key_id"]
  AMAZON_SECRET = APP_CONFIG["secret_access_key"]


What you might want to do: Get the image of the product and the detailed page url.

You can probably do it on a model called amazon.rb and or any existing model file.

include GlobalStuff  
Amazon::Ecs.options = {:aWS_access_key_id => AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID, :aWS_secret_key => AMAZON_SECRET}
res = Amazon::Ecs.item_search("0307463745", :response_group => 'Medium', :sort => 'salesrank')
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