The big question is "Are you going to work on what matters?"

It's better than asking "Do you have a job?" Because people who have the means can actually create their own job.
Are you just focused on a task list and your desire to close remaining issues so you could move on? If so, your job is trite.

For 2011, my goal is to keep moving forward, be financially and physically healthy and to help my family. I've started my business last year and started hiring people.
My goal is to launch these projects this month because the more I defer, the more I lose. But I am overwrought and I feel like I haven't rested well yet.
I always have to sacrifice the progress of my own projects to favor good-paying work.

Today, I received new project offer which has a lot to do with "Health". I've worked shortly as a freelancer for the company last year. The company's focused on platforms that promote good health and applications that help deter sickness.

Another really important project which I hope to continue and be part of is called 33voices.
This is a project which is relevant to people who want to venture into business or are already doing business. We want to hear from the best thinking people in the world.
They are usually people who have made news in their respective industries and book authors. If you are interested, please take time to register.

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