I like to share this quickly for those who are concerned about application performance. Rails has always provided a way to cache assets. It's been very simple but when we think about the "cloud" and scaling, we realized it's a pain to actually make it all work with amazon s3.

We need a command line solution or some rake tasks and asset packager plugin provides these for us.

I've updated the plugin, asset_packager for Rails 3.0.1. Click here to check it out (git).

How to install

rails plugin install git://github.com/katgironpe/asset_packager.git

One rake task to cache and upload assets

namespace :cache do
  BUCKET = 'bucketname'

  desc "start aws"
  task :aws do
    require 'aws/s3'

      access_key_id: 'key',
      secret_access_key: 'secret'

  desc "update s3"
  task :s3=> :aws do
    prefix = ''

    files = Dir[

    files.each do |f|
      next if File.directory?(f)
      puts f

      key = f.gsub(/\.\/public/, prefix)
      puts " -> %s" % key

        key, File.open(f), BUCKET,
        :access => :public_read, 'Cache-Control' => 'max-age=315360000'

  desc "cache assets and update s3 for production"
  task :production do



How to use

rake cache:production 

It's sort of saying cache all assets for production.

Thanks to Marco Palinar and Cyril David for sharing a similar gist on how to upload assets to Amazon s3 through a very simple rake task.

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