Recall how a few days ago, I was asked to fill out a form as a co-organizer of a Rails Girls event. The questions have a lot to do with technical skills of attendees before the event.

Here are some of the questions which I think organizers of any Ruby on Rails workshop should know:

How many had NO or very little experience with HTML/CSS before the event? [%]

How many were VERY WELL-TRAINED with HTML/CSS before the event? [%]

How many had NO or very little experience with any programming language before the event? [%]

*How many were VERY WELL-TRAINED with any programming language before the event? [%] *

How many did continue learning to code after the event? [%]

I remember I should make the announcement for upcoming workshops and give some information on prerequisites or requirements.
For the girls and guys based in Baguio, the Geekcamp Baguio workshops will happen very soon but on different weeks and months. They won't be whole-day events. I am still seeking speakers (preferably based in Baguio).

What are the requirements?

A reason beyond the need to get a job as a motivation for learning software development.

Why? There were some comments on PHRUG group recently that they studied and used Ruby on Rails for a long time and found difficulty looking for a job. Well, to be honest, it's a skill meant for freelancers and self-employed types. Most of my past and current clients do not know Ruby on Rails but I've used it and recommend it. On job boards, you will have a better chance if you did not search "Ruby on Rails" or you do not even call yourself a "Ruby on Rails developer."

I like to help entrepreneurial types as I am certain I would learn more from them. Having attended some events locally focused on "women entrepreneurs," I did learn something from non-technical types. Perhaps on a tech event, we could share more and learn more about both technology and business.

You are required to learn HTML and CSS before joining the event.

If you need help with that, we can assist remotely and give resources.

You are required to take an examination apart from filling out the registration form.

WTF? Yes. It's conventional and the event would most likely happen at a University so this kind of process is not surprising for students. The questions would mostly be about fundamentals of "web technology." It's unlikely you won't get a passing rate because you can cheat. There are probably just a couple of questions which you can't look up on Google.

Any comments and questions so far?

** Feel free to contact me. I prefer communication via email: info [at] Thank you.**

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