So I've been reading the discussion on PHRUG (Philippine Ruby Users Group) about Ruby on Rails and Windows. I have to agree with majority that eventually you have to learn Linux if you want to use Rails everyday. If you don't, you just can't go beyond frontend work.

I also agree with Bryan Bibat that you can learn all the basics of Rails 3 on Windows. He created Rails FTW which helps Ruby on Rails newbies get started with Rails on Windows.

I am primarily a Mac user by the way but I am not such a huge fan honestly. I'd rather use Linux everyday. If I didn't have too many graphic design work to do (for my own business because I don't want to work for anyone as a designer and I mean it), I would probably be using Ubuntu Linux everyday.

Today I took a few minutes to setup Rails 3 on Windows and create a template to be used by a designer who will work for me on a short-term project.

You can also use it if you want to. I'm testing the app as I write this and I don't see any issues. It's just a proof that Windows is usable especially for frontend work. I remember working with a UI designer and it often takes him weeks to fix IE issues. I know what you're thinking. Windows is probably not the issue. LOL.

Anyway click here to view the git repository and make sure you read the README file.

Clone the repository using Git for Windows

Download and install Git for Windows

For xampp users, here's how you get the app. Using git for windows command line tool or terminal or whatever it's called.

cd C:/xampp/htdocs
git clone git://
Rails | git clone

Here's another screenshot showing that everything is working.

Rails 3 Designer template
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