Hi everyone. This is yet another call for help. We are looking for volunteers who would work on the Rails 3 application, Railsjam.net. There are many changes (features and interface changes) which I have not yet committed. Given time and after writing a few more tests, I will commit all these changes. Hopefully by January 14, 2011, I have most of the changes committed.

We need people who are quick to find and fix bugs, good at User Interface design and could contribute to the project for small changes. No matter how small the update would be, we'd greatly appreciate the help. There are other PHRUG projects like the PinoyRB. Please contact Greg Moreno for more details about that project. He's also looking for a UI ninja for his projects.

We are using Github and Redmine if you are interested and contact me via the contact page on this website. Thank you.

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Hello! I am Kat. I've been a developer for several years. When I'm not sitting down, reading and working for long hours, I am traveling to some place of interest.
If you want to reach out, you can send me an email or add me up on Google Plus.