Recently, I have made some efforts on upgrading the current Substruct version to be compatible with Rails version 2.2.2. It was previously working with Rails 2.1.0 only. Check on googlecode. Click here to view the CHANGELOG.

I have tested code with Paypal IPN and would like to confirm that it is working as far as my settings are concerned.

To get a copy of the modified version of Substruct, you must have git. Whether you're running on Windows, Linux or Mac, this code should work:

git clone git://

Note: I've recently replaced some deprecated code. Have yet to test before using for production. You may need to customize the application yourself or better yet, create a new rails application which would work for edge rails or Rails 2.3.2. Another alternative is to use Spree which was started by Sean Schofield. Help test people! I think most of the opensource rails e-commerce apps need more testing and feedback as well.

Substruct is implemented as a rails engine and that is it's greatest asset. I have not extensively tested Spree, yet another e-commerce project but personally, I feel that is best that the developers have implemented it as a rails engine as well. Change won't hurt. Rails 2.3.2 already has built-in support for engines with a few features left out I believe.

On his screencast, Ryan Bates has clearly explained that Ruby on Rails currently has no way of seeing migrations within a plugin so you have to create a rake task to copy the migrations on your main application's db directory.

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