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This is a semi-active blog. Once I write a post, I usually never update them. If you will read through some of these and try to follow them, please do so at your own risk. Technology changes quickly. Established languages are not as cool as they used to be. Some tutorials written several years ago may no longer work and do not reflect present day best practices.

Using Ruby for System Administration

ruby rails linux

System Administration is a specialization in the I.T industry. These are people who handle the "dirty stuff." Some call them janitors while some call them "gods." Regardless of these perceptions, I think they play a very important role in the industry. They are not doing low-level stuff for sure. They do not care about cross-browser compatibility or making that wretched star blink in flash but they handle things that could probably matter more than you could imagine like working with enterprise data, network monitoring and handling server security. Of course, in small consulting-type companies, they are not even sought.

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Adobe Flash CS4 on Ubuntu 8.10

flash ubuntu linux

Ok. I admit the title can be misleading. This is more of a tip for people who do flash work and cannot survive as Ruby on Rails or Python developers on a Windows machine or simply for people want to explore Linux without discarding Windows (and Mac is something they pretend they haven't heard of. Steve Jobs, throw us some Macs here. We need them).

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Free Ubuntu Ebook

open source linux ubuntu ebook

I have been a Windows user for a long time. I have done both design and development work on a Windows Operating System. In 2004, a good friend told me that in the long run, no matter how attached I am to my Windows OS, I will eventually switch to Linux or Mac which is true. Sometime in 2004, I also got my first Linux book from a book fare in the Baguio Convention Center. I read parts of it and it scared me how things weren't very easy. That book may still be useful on understanding Linux but only a few chapters are relevant. Things have gotten easier in Linux with so many distributions released.

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