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This is a semi-active blog. Once I write a post, I usually never update them. If you will read through some of these and try to follow them, please do so at your own risk. Technology changes quickly. Established languages are not as cool as they used to be. Some tutorials written several years ago may no longer work and do not reflect present day best practices.

Building Interactive Graphs with ggplot2 and Shiny Review

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In 2009, I was asked to graph some data. It was not a lot but it was painful trying to get it done within the day. Back then there weren’t a lot of options for graphing data and I had to fix bugs of Google charts Ruby gem. Eventually, Matt added me as a maintainer for the repository and asked me to do something which I forgot. Back then I knew that Ruby is not very good for data analysis but it can suffice for data mining.

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On RabbitMQ and Erlang

erlang lua rabbitmq amqp messaging mac

After reading the book RabbitMQ in Action: Distributed Messaging for Everyone, I still found myself googling for more examples. It's a very good book in the sense that it covers managing RabbitMQ and a lot of linux system admin examples that developers should know if they will use RabbitMQ in production for their apps.

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How to fix MySQL load issues on OS X

mysql mac

This is only for those who encounter the same issues. Sometimes we're not so lucky with mysql and I worked with an Australian developer who said he never got mysql installation right the first time regardless of whether he was using a Mac or Windows. I never had the same problems before until now. I am using OS X 10.6.6 and MySQL 5.5. I now feel his pain. Why is it so effin' difficult to get it "working"?

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Why are Spreadsheet Applications Still Better Than Personal Finance Applications?

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I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to get back to basic finance and tracking my own cash flows. It's trite to do these kind of things but it's necessary. I once handled book of accounts of our business and it was frustrating in several different ways. However it was simple - it was a spreadsheet that showed cash inflows and outflows and a record of all our inventory. I have reason to believe that spreadsheet applications (Excel or its open source alternatives) are better than using “simply inefficient” applications that never seem to meet your needs.

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How to Install RVM and Rails 3 on Snow Leopard

ruby mac rails

Snow Leopard includes Ruby and Rails by default if you install XCode. The version is 1.8.7 and 2.2.2 for each, respectively. This would not suffice for most developers because we need to start porting to Ruby 1.9 and start experimenting with Rails 3. The goal is to just keep moving forward and use the best version that exists.

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