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This is a semi-active blog. Once I write a post, I usually never update them. If you will read through some of these and try to follow them, please do so at your own risk. Technology changes quickly. Established languages are not as cool as they used to be. Some tutorials written several years ago may no longer work and do not reflect present day best practices.

C and Guitars

music c programming objective-c

I have been learning how to play guitar since last year. On my birthday, my friend gave her guitar to me. I really like it so much but haven't used it for a long time. My days and nights are spent learning new things about software development and working as one.

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Viral Apps in Rails

ruby rails facebook programming happiness

I am not a computer science graduate but probably feel more confident than most due to my experience working for several people with different nationalities and personalities. In retrospect, I would have not chosen Computer Science as my major even if I knew that 6 years later, it would be my job to do web applications. I would have chosen either Commerce (which I did finish) or Psychology. Why Psychology? If you understand people and organizations, you win. And I think I see a lot of companies who are really good at making apps that attempt to understand people including the company that just hired me (Thank you very much to the project manager and CEO for considering me for the job).

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Kudos to Some Inspiring Entrepreneur Programmers

entrepreneurship business programming people

First thing that came to my mind recently due to my not-so-normal work schedule (sometimes I work very late at night - 9 P.M to 4 AM GMT +8 or 9 AM to 4 P.M EST) is "what to do" after working on some client projects. I could be teaming up with a senior consultant (with over 30 years experience) in the field of Accounting, Estate and Taxation and sink my teeth into several business books and programming books or I could continue what I have already started when I was seventeen. It's very difficult to decide what to do because sometimes what you want isn't necessarily what is right for you. If you can have a stable job and start your "dot com" business then that's great but the chance of getting burnt out long before you accomplish anything is high. The phrase "part time job" sounds like a better option for me. Or going full time freelance on various small projects is a good way to go too.

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Adva CMS - A new state-of-the-art CMS

programming ruby rails cms drupal i18n

I have been a Drupal Developer long enough for me to hatch my own CMS (3 years). But there's really not much sense developing another CMS. We really shouldn't build apps to inflate our own egos. We build apps out of need and because there's nothing else out there for our clients to use. Clients know what they want although most cannot articulate it in geek terms. I appreciate that my current client has a very good understanding of what they want. If not, it will be like moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

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Hello! I am Kat. I've been a developer for several years. When I'm not sitting down, reading and working for long hours, I am traveling to some place of interest.
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