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This is a semi-active blog. Once I write a post, I usually never update them. If you will read through some of these and try to follow them, please do so at your own risk. Technology changes quickly. Established languages are not as cool as they used to be. Some tutorials written several years ago may no longer work and do not reflect present day best practices.

Railsjam Volunteers

ruby phrug

Hi everyone. This is yet another call for help. We are looking for volunteers who would work on the Rails 3 application, There are many changes (features and interface changes) which I have not yet committed. Given time and after writing a few more tests, I will commit all these changes. Hopefully by January 14, 2011, I have most of the changes committed.

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Rails 3 Upgrade Resources

rails3 ruby

Many of us have several existing 2.x applications and would want to upgrade without pulling our hair because we can't figure out something or we are wary of consuming too much time. I'm about to post several links where you could find useful advice on upgrading Rails 3. Feel free to share other links if you know some.

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Syntax Highlighting for Ruby

ruby rdiscount syntax

There are more than couple of ways to do syntax highlighting for Ruby code. Your geek blog doesn't look nice if the code cannot be read properly or cannot be copied easily. Gists work well. Most blogs now would probably just use especially if it's lengthly file or there are way to many stuff on it that you don't want to scare your visitors. By naming the file "syntax.rb" on for instance, it would know what code you are using and syntax highlighting will be based on the filename. See syntax.rb .

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Hello! I am Kat. I've been a developer for several years. When I'm not sitting down, reading and working for long hours, I am traveling to some place of interest.
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