Ok the title is much of a way for me to make sure someone will read this. It so happens that I live in a country wherein there is not a single reliable Internet Service Provider. This is more of a call probably to international corporations to invest here in the country. It is just a sad thing that many Filipinos are very skilled - not just in design or computer programming but in several fields. I feel like if this whole ISP issue is solved, there will be more jobs and less economic problems.


PLDT DSL is unstable. I have availed of the business plan last year since I was working in a mall here in Baguio. I was helping my aunt manage our family business while working as a full time telecommute web developer. I was not using the service 24 hours a day. I only work from 10 A.M to 6 P.M and within those times, the speed was just terrible. Opening gmail or yahoo mail just takes time. Uploading files through ftp or scp (for Unix) was average. I felt like I was not getting the most of the 2,300 pesos a month which I was paying for. And many times, the internet service was completely down. Thank God, I was working in a mall and I could just move my stuff a few blocks away from the office.

Smart Broadband

Many residents in Baguio City use SmartBro. Some, especially those in Camp 7 and Quezon Hill are happy with the service. Most subscribers are not too happy. I have called SmartBro to do a survey and they have honestly told me that reception in our area is just not good so I appreciate them for their honesty. I could not comment on a service provider which I have not tried myself but you can search over the internet and see how happy their customers are.

Globe Broadband

I am currently using Globe. Just like PLDT, it's extremely unstable. I could only have decent speeds during the wee hours of the morning. Currently I do work during those times. For the rest of the day however, the speed is just frustrating. As much I want to cancel my subscription, I hardly have any other options.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband is now available in Baguio. It is the first ISP to offer 12 MBPS which in reality is less according to its subscribers. The Yugatech Blog has become a forum for those who are expressing their disappointment towards this provider.

Having said all these, I hope that some decent provider will finally try its luck here in the country. Whoever that company is, just think of the millions of unsatisfied users you can attract. They are your market.

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