1. Nothing great can be achieved by working alone. Work with great people or train people who can be great. Zuckerberg most certainly didn't weave Facebook alone.
  2. The good employer is not the person who will praise you everyday for being hardworking. The good one is the person who will reward you for your efforts and the person who will treat you as part of a team and not give you the work of an entire team.
  3. Everyday there's a good idea that comes to mind. Write down that idea. Don't immediately act on it. Take time to consider what you need to do first. To defer work can help you think more before you act.
  4. Pick your game because you can't master everything and be good in everything.
  5. Don't be influenced by people who think more about themselves. Do what you have to even if it will disappoint them. You just can't please everybody and if you start making it your goal, you'll always lose.
  6. Working for yourself is always more fulfilling than working for someone else precisely because this is the age of opportunity for people who are skilled and patient. Different kinds of rewards await those have the heart to try.
  7. Don't stop learning new things. Whether it's that new Rails release or the best practices guide for pragmatic people, updating yourself on new technologies is an imperative.
  8. Find people like you. Find a mentor even if you are a senior programmer.
  9. Don't judge people for what they've done or what they have not done. We can all disappoint and be disappointed. To walk with a measuring stick will make you miserable.
  10. Eat moderately, have a healthy diet and workout everyday. (I need to lose a lot of weight).
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