Yes, there's going to be a beta release of Ubuntu 9.10 in 10 days. I am thinking about switching to use Mac but iPhone development is not something I am venturing into yet. In two months, I am just focused on early stage development of an application and I am still considering the possibility of having some new part time job.

I was never really convinced with the iPhone craze to be honest. When my sis found out that the cheapest iPhone costs $100, she told me she'd get one. And I told her "maganda ka ba?" LOL. It has nothing to do with a person's physiognomy. I always thought that certain people compensate the things that they lack with "things." It's just my theory on materialism.

Apart from the whole iPhone craze idea and the fact that I would want to support iPhone for some websites, I do not have any other special reason to use it. Hackintosh? Nope. I do not think it's a good idea. Soon enough, I would use Snow Leopard but not as my primary operating system. I have grown too comfortable with Ubuntu.

It's kind of amusing how they name operating systems after animals that are nearly extinct. It should remind us of Wildlife conservation at least. Vista? It's not an animal obviously. But the OS is a beast. Don't use it.

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